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  • Don't Make a List


  • The worst way to get a new distributor started is to have him to make a list of his friends and family. Friends and family will tell your new distributor that he can't make it with this business. That is the most DISCOURAGING way to get started. It's one of the major causes of dropouts.This gives him a list of people who are not going to build a downline. They are NOT business builders. In fact, they don't even WANT a home based business. Building a downline of these people is a plan for failure. Not only is "making a list" a plan for failure, but it also sends the wrong message. They think Network Marketing requires you to chase your friends and family. (Guess where they got that idea?) The problem is: they don't WANT to chase their friends and family. Their perception is that Network Marketing is where you must be a pest, pursuing your relatives.

  • No wonder they don't want to join you!


  • Friends and family don't usually want a home based business. 


  • They don't want you to have one either. 


That's why we target business-builders instead of non-business-builders. (Ever heard of Target Marketing?)

It's much easier!

They don't laugh at you.

They don't try to discourage you.

And it is the key to building a downline - - - begin with people who have the mindset to be business builders.


How do you build a downline with people who don't want a business?


But where do you find these business-builders?

When you join us, we will give you 100 FREE Business Builder Leads each month. More if you can use them! These are people who WANT a home-based business - they ARE interested in a home-based business. They are the business-builders you need to build a downline.

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